Headline: Oxford Police Department strives to improve security of square district

Story: The Oxford Police Department has been making strides toward improving the environment of the square in recent months. So far, the department has implemented a new downtown-specific division of officers to better patrol the area using officers whose sole focus is on that area and the special circumstances that evenings in a college town present. In recent weeks, Police Chief Joey East has proposed a change to the laws of the region that would allow the city to keep the bars open longer hours to change the current trend of the majority of patrons flowing into the streets all at once when the bars stop serving alcohol and close simultaneously. Additionally, shortly after the recent kidnapping of a female student, the Oxford Police Department established a “safe site tent” where uniformed officers will be available for people who feel unsafe, need help finding transportation home, would like an escort to their vehicles or any other police assistance. Other areas of the city are working to improve the square, as well, with things like the newly approved parking garage. I would like to focus on the changes that have already occurred, the ones being implemented now and the ones in the works.

Possible questions:


What inspired the changes on the square?

What results have you seen from the downtown division?

What are your general goals for that area?

What are your ideas to reach those goals?

When do you hope to reach those goals?

Downtown division officer:

What changes have you seen first-hand on the square?

Do you see improvements that can be made?

What have you seen happening with the safe site tent?

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